DOUGLAS MUELLER  - Director/Writer/Editor/Producer

Prior to completing Repatriation, his feature directorial debut, Douglas Mueller’s narrative filmmaking style can be seen in Prairie Love (Sundance '11, Film Movement Distr.), where he storyboarded and production designed the frigid, almost-fantasy world; or in his award winning short film Four Corners  (Periphery Project LLC, Distr.) set in the dusty isolation of the desert. He’s currently in post-production on his documentary feature debut, a visual journey in cinema verité style, chronicling the critical restoration of California’s cherished Carmel Mission.

Shot on, now obsolete, Kodachrome film, Doug made an experimental documentary about the final Space Shuttle launches. Until chemical photography hobbyists crack the processing code for this iconic filmstock, the project waits, undeveloped, in his freezer. In 2011 his short 16mm experimental documentary about a baroque keyboard tuner, Carey Beebe,  Intermezzo 1  premiered at the Academy accredited, Nashville Film Festival. Mueller’s short documentary Dan, Tom and Ray- a silent film documentary short- screened at a number film festivals in California and the Mid-West.

Doug actively produces commercial works, non-profit documentaries and short-form internet films for organizations, most recently with Restorative Justice Partners Inc and funding through a Packard Foundation Grant. He and his wife were $1,000 winners of the Trend Micro video contest. Mueller was Production Designer for the 2010 thriller The Truth, distributed by Gravitas Ventures, Showtime and Maverick Entertainment Group. Studying for his BA in film at CSUMB, he developed a documentary The BBC; 2002, which won the '2003 Edgar Kennedy Award for Arts, Culture, Humanities, Performance Event under the Volunteer/Student Category' as well as 'Monterey's Best Freedom of Expression under the Volunteer/Student Category.

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RYAN BARTON-GRIMLEY - Producer/Editor RBG Films      

Ryan Barton-Grimley, or RBG as his most distinguished colleagues refer to him, was born in Harare Zimbabwe in the mid-1970's. After battling blood-thirsty lions and mad wilder-beasts for just shy of a decade, he moved to the US of A with his family and proceeded to do time at various public and private institutions, almost getting nine degrees and finally graduating from UCLA with a prestigious and meaningful liberal arts degree. This astounding feat of academic excellence led to a starring role in the acclaimed indie feature film TROPIX opposite Danielle Bisutti and supporting roles on CRIMINAL MINDS and the Fox Movie of the Week, THE PRICE OF LOVE. Burned out on all the fame and fortune, RBG decided to slide further down the rabbit hole by writing and directing the internationally acclaimed home invasion thriller... THE TRUTH starring John Heard, Brendan Sexton III, and Daniel Baldwin in 2010. This stunning piece of independent cinema was distributed worldwide, much to the chagrin of film critics everywhere and was one of the most pirated films on the Internet in the three weeks preceding its release. RBG is currently starring in and producing Douglas Mueller's debut feature film... REPATRIATION as well as, directing and starring in his second and third feature films..ELIJAH'S ASHES, the award winning road comedy about brotherly love and homophobia, and... HAWK & REV: VAMPIRE SLAYERS a slacker-horror-comedy about "kicking lots of vampire ass and taking lots of vampire names!" Lastly... keep an eye out for RBG performing improv at various dark and shady theaters around town including UCB, Groundlings and now The Nerdist. For more info:


JEREMY CLARK - Associate Producer

 Jeremy is an actor and filmmaker based out of Chicago where he has has performed with theatre companies across the city, including the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Trap Door Theatre, and The Goodman.  Regionally, he's performed in Montana, Colorado, Indiana, California, and Washington D.C.  As a filmmaker, he's acted in, directed, or produced several projects, most notably playing the lead in Prairie Love, an official selection of the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.  He is currently the Artistic Director of Oracle Film with the non-profit Oracle Productions, which brings free film and theatre programs to the Chicago community.


RICKY J. CORTEZ - Director of Photography

A native of the central coast, Ricky J. Cortez is a filmmaker recently graduated from CSU Monterey Bay. His thesis film Nocturne screened at the Carmel Art and Film Festival and his cinematography work has screened at numerous festivals- this is his first feature film.


BRYAN MOCK - Art Director                

Bryant is a producer and Art Director who has worked in commercials, television and film. His primary interest is his love of independent film. Bryant loves to take on diverse projects and previously worked with Douglas Mueller as Producer and Art Director on 'Prairie Love'.


 SEAN AYERS - 2nd Unit Cinematography

A native of Hanford CA and a graduate of Cal State Monterey's esteemed Film Studies program, Sean has quickly worked his way up mastering every position related to lighting and camera. Inspired by Emanuel Lubeski's use of natural light, Sean brings a sense of naturalism to all his work. He looks forward to collaborating with you!


 AUDREY HAWORTH - 2nd Unit Production Designer

Audrey is a native of Los Angeles and from an early age was trained in classical oil painting and sculpture as well as set design and construction. Growing up amongst artists and engineers of all sorts, and loving both worlds, she became known as the MacGyver of any situation. She graduated with honors from Otis College of Art and Design where, aside from honing her skills in multiple media, site-specific art and environmental design, she focused strongly on the psychology of perception and art theory. She was Art Director on her first film, "From Here to Infinity" with Patrick Stewart at the age of 18 and continues to work on music videos, TV and film in various creative capacities. She has simultaneously worked as an interior designer for many years, consistently reinforcing her love of production design and the psychology of designing worlds around individuals.  Always eager for a new challenge, her favorite thing to hear is "I have no idea how we're going to do that! Audrey, go figure it out!"